Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 16: We Baptised Her 3 Weeks Ago and We'll Baptise Him Soon

(From 5/27/13 email)

And we're talking soon.

Also, like half our investigators are over 50 years old. And they're all going to get baptised.

One of them has 83 years, the other 93.

We're going to do this.

We're making this happen.

Alright, that's all I've got. Later!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week 15: Not much‏

May 20, 2013

Okay, I don't have much time and the uploads are being slow. SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means no pictures.

This week went by pretty slow, and we did a lot of walking and things are pretty good and we're going to begin teaching a 93 year old whose name I need to remember. Also, we're teaching two families and I really can't think of much to type here for some reason. We had no baptisms yesterday, unfortunately, but we did get some less-active members returning! So that's good.

Also it's ALMOST rainy season. ALMOST. I'm waiting impatiently.


Week 14: The 30-Minute Hill‏

May 13, 2013

So there's a hill in the area. That's very steep. And it was hot. And it was huge. And it took us 30 minutes to climb, using all my strength. So that wasn't terribly fun, but it built character, so what do I care? So long as I never climb that hill again.

Also, no pictures right now because this area is a little shady.

We had a baptism this week, and three investigators came to church yesterday as well. So this Sunday: TRIPLE BAPTISM TIME if all goes according to plan.

In other news, I got the most magnificent clock in the world a couple of days ago. It's called "Dome Backwards" and it ticks counterclockwise. Basically, it's a mirrored clock. That's amazing. It is precious to me, and shall be an heirloom in my family. Even if it doesn't work 100 years from now.

What else happened, you might ask? Well, that's a good question. I reaffirmed my desire to vacation in Kansas (although Treasure Valley's probably flat enough). I was also prohibited from eating spicy foods.

...that saddens me. But, I did get to go on the Metro here - and let me say, that place is amazingly cool and fun. I can't wait to go on it again.


A ver... I'm typing to fast, and quiero disfrutar todo del tiempo que tengo. Oh wait, that was Spanish.

...Well, I guess that's all I've got for y'all right now. I'll have stories after the mission.

Elder N

Week 13: 3 Months in the Field‏

May 6, 2013
I baptized again last night:

Poor positioning brought to you by a broken LCD screen. The hermano to my right (your left) also enjoys drawing. And then the younger hermano, during his baptism, interrupted me in the middle of it because he didn't like the fact that I had my eyes closed. And then other things went wrong with the other two, but hey, everything ended up well.
SO IN OTHER NEWS the e-mail rule has changed. I can now send more than one each week, which, to be completely honest, something I've been hoping for since the beginning. It's much nicer this way and now I can bug my brothers for not e-mailing me.
I'm not going to mention names. *cough*each of you*cough*
So, since I've been on the mission for three months as of today (that means 1/8 of my time is completed. I can do that 7 more times), Elder W and I are planning something pretty amazing - we're going to make "licaudos", or in other words, mixed juices. We've got peach, grape, and orange, and we'll be buying some Sprite along with some mangos and possibly kiwis and strawberries. We've also got ice cream to go with it.
I. Am. Excited. For. This. Development. They're gonna taste great.
...I hope.
SO IN OTHER NEWS AGAIN... A lot has happened, like me walking a lot faster now and being more resistant to thirst. ...until I get Access to any non-prohibited liquid, that is.
I'm pretty sure I drank at least 2 liters of water yesterday during the comida. It was great.
AND THAT'S MORE OR LESS IT other than... no, that's about it.
Elder N