Monday, October 27, 2014

"There and Back Again: A (Newman)'s Tale"

Brackets can't be done with this computer.

SO, I am not longer in Maravatio... so that's sad. I was transferred to Lomas Verdes, which, you should know, is an area in my very first zone, which also means that I'll be going to the same chapel that I started in. I'll be finishing right where I began! Physically, not spiritually. It's amazing because we meet in the same chapel as Naucalli - MY VERY FIRST AREA! It is quite exciting.

Spiritually, I'm nowhere near where I began! I've come such a long way. I still have a long ways to go, but I'm happy knowing that I have changed and progressed. I'm still me - that is, I've the same personality, likes, and dislikes (for the most part - although there are a lot fewer dislikes. Well... I'll have to think about that one). I'm a better Elder Newman - like Elder Newman v. or something like that.

I'm so old. There's almost nobody in my new district that has more than 6 months - I still need to verify with two other sisters that are in the district.

I don't want to face the facts of me having so little time left - or rather, I'd rather not think about it. At all. So, I'll be forcing that out. 
I've been wanting to increase my humility - thinking more about others, and not thinking about the stuff that I want to think about at that time. Look for more and greater opportunities to serve, as well as help others to grow and to progress. It came as a result of the branch conference last Sunday, and I really dislike this keyboard. The backspace key is too small.
Also, because I'm no longer in Maravatio, tampoco es mi compañero Elder G (And Elder G isn't my companion, either). Ahora es Elder W, de Arizona (Now it is Elder W, from Arizona). Tiene 4 meses en el campo (He's been out in the field four months).

I'm just glad that I'm still in the mission, and that I've made it this far. Part of what helped me get this far was my brothers - I knew that I needed and still need to be an example for them, and that helps me stay focused and so forth. It's quite nice. It also helped me stay in the mission when I was in Naucalli - my, how things have come along. I'm amazed at all that has happened and that I've learned in the past 21 months - and I look forward to these last three with great excitement.

No pido perdón para mi español (I don't apologize for my Spanish).

Muchas gracias por su amor y apoyo (Thank you very much for your love and help),

Élder Newman

Vamos a hablar el español porque es más fácil (We're going to speak Spanish because it's much easier).

Monday, October 20, 2014

¡Miren! Un correo más grande esta vez‏ (Look! A bigger email this time)

I'm forgetting English, if you couldn't tell. Also, Día de los Muertos se acerca (Day of the Dead is getting closer):

​The white thing on top is called muertito. It means "little/small dead (guy)". Underneath that is a type of bread called lagrimas, or tears. It's incredibly delicious.

Also, I was stressed and kinda distracted last night, so with only two whiteboard markers, I drew this where I keep track of all our investigators:

​I know it's more shaped like an egg than it is a ball. But I was tired, it was past 10, and I only have two colors. Those two.

Anyways, now for something that actually might help cada uno de ustedes (each one of you):

Last night, I was feeling kinda... well, discouraged isn't the word. Concerned is more like it, as it's the last week of the change and things aren't looking to great for anyone in the district right now. The Sisters haven't baptized at all, and we've got one, but I want all of us to end the transfer very, very well, with a baptism. Especially since this is Elder G's first transfer and the final of one of the sisters in my district. So, sitting there and trying to think, "What do I need to do to get everything working for the end of this week?", I had the distinct impression to read my patriarchal blessing. So I do. I reach a paragraph that just drills itself into my mind. And I think, why did I never see this before and why do I need to know this right now? And then I get it - I need to ask my companion for a blessing of counsel. So I do, and then we have a marvelous spiritual experience. I learned a lot - and it helped me a ton. The Spirit filled the room, and it was fantastic.

I'm expecting to leave Maravatio this change, given some clues that the Zone Leaders have given me. THey don't know the changes yet - supposedly. But they are dropping a lot of clues that I'm not going to finish off here in Maravatio. I'm so glad for this blessed opportunity that I had to be here. I learned so many things.

Learn what you can. Also, I believe that I'll be sent out of Maravatio next week, at the end of changes. That's no fun, but oh well. Wherever the Lord sends me, I will go. It's exciting, too.

Well, that's it for now - I'm out of time. Thanks for everything, everyone, and we'll see you next year!

Because "next year" sounds longer than "in January" or "in three months".

Elder Newman (Mexicano)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Somehow I was writing too much and I'm almost out of time, sooo... we had three days to work last week. So, yes... my week was very, very busy, seeing as there was a zone meeting, a conference for new missionaries and their trainers all the way over in Mexico City (2.5-3 hour bus ride, one way) which took us two days (because we live so far away), and as such, we had... about two full days to do work. Friday and Saturday. It was weird. But, either way, we still managed to have a decent week in that we brought investigators to church! It's a family, and the father lived around Sandy, Utah for a few years. Went to temple square and everything. It's pretty fantastic - I have high hopes for this family.

Also, every time there's a zone meeting, as District Leader, I need to give a talk. I enjoyed the last one I gave - it was about how having joy, being happy, and projecting that onto others is key to being successful. It helped even me!

No baptisms :( but this week, yes.

And that's it for right now.

Thanks for all your support! Adios!

Elder Newman Mexicano

Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct. 6, 2014

About riding a bike with no handle bars... it's just me saying, "Look, Mom! No hands!" as I ride down the streets to an appointment. Clearly, I don't shout it out, but it's really nice to do once in a while.

And yes, I did get to watch all sessions of conference. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND THE MUSIC TO BOOT AND HOW I WANT TO LIVE THAT WEEKEND AGAIN (for the most part... Saturday, we got about 0 work done because we were doing a lot of interviews). I got so many answers to my question, "What do I do now?" I got it because on Saturday Morning, I noticed that I didn't have a question to take with me into conference and I said, "Well, that's great! What do I do now? ...OH, I GET IT!" And therefore, I'm going to be focusing myself on drawing nearer to Christ - getting to know Him on a more personal level. Thankfully, there was a lot of material about that this last conference - including helping out the poor. I'm going to be fasting even better now! :D

So... yes. And the baptismal service also went very well - the nice little girl (because she's only 11) went in with very little fear. We're going to see about baptizing her 8 year old sister this week, too. It makes me happy - and this time, I might perform the baptism. But we'll see, since Elder G is still struggling with the Spanish. The only thing I didn't like is that my agenda flew - jumped out of my suit pocket - into the font. So... that didn't make me too happy. Oh well - it's almost dried out now. Almost.

​My companion´s too tall in that pic and I love Windows 8 and fast internet. All of which I have and are true right now. The other man is a member of the branch presidency.

And that's about it for this week. P got baptized and I had a wonderful General Conference.

Tell Jared that I say, "Gracias. ¡Tendré un buen día y espero que lo tengas también!" ("Thank you. I have a good day and hope you have too!")

Now I'm going to apply General Conference to my life and move forward with Más poder.

Thanks for your support,

el Élder Newman mexicano