Saturday, March 29, 2014

The cool part about being in the offices‏... that Saturday feels like Saturdays again and it's a lot like what the after-mission-life is going to be like, as stated by my dad: We work hard all day on a computer, and then I go out to work on my equally demanding Church calling. w00t for preparedness!

I also get to program a bit to help the mission out. Turns out, I like working with C#.

Also, the past few weeks, in regards to physical health, have been... interesting. I'll sum it up this way:

1) Feel a sharp pain in my stomach; nothing can be seen on the surface. Blood and pus come out. TMI, I know. Deal with it.

2) The mission doctor (who is in charge of all the missionary medical stuff in Mexico) tells me to do a thing I thought I would never do: get an ultrasound.

3) I get the results: It's an abscess! Wee!

4) Talk with the Doctor again; I tell him story (and here my abscess is hurting me again, real time), tell him this actually started in Atlacomulco (about two transfers ago) and that it hasn't really gone away. He then drops his judgement:

5) We've got an appointment with the surgeon next Wednesday to figure out when and how we're removing this foul health issue. *wincing smile*

So... that's been my health over the past two or three weeks.

Also we've got some really good investigators and the quickest way to shoo a missionary out of your local housing complex is by sending your large aggressive dog after them. If you're not a member, please don't do that because we don't like getting bitten by dogs.

And we've got an American family making us food today, so it's about time I head off.

Elder Newman

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