Monday, January 5, 2015

When I begin selecting who to send the email to, I type "Everyone" and it selects everyone.‏

I've been wanting to tell y'all that for so long now. And I finally have.

So, how was New Year's? Great! We watched 17 miracles, which was great, we played a bit of soccer, which was also great, my companion gave me a peruvian soccer jersey, which was also great, and I drew quite a bit.

I'm also very happy that the New Testament will be the book of study this year. I got excited about it when I found it out - and I'll be glad to get out of gospel principles soon. It's a nice class, but still..

So, down to the important stuff:

On Friday, we were waiting for a trasnport to take us over to the meal. However, it passed and I didn't flag it down - so, I thought, "Let's go contact more people. we're a little early anyways". (Pardon my awful grammar). We start going around the block, when a man shouts at us and signals for us to come over. As we draw near, he bagins telling us about him - turns out, he's already a member. Just as we're aobut to go, however, the owner of the house - he just works there - comes out. Within two sentences or so, she's already invited us in to chat with her some more about the gospel. We invite her to Church, she accepts, along with her daughters, and we finish setting an appointment for the next day and head out. We got to the meal late, but that's another story that's not so interesting.

The next day, we decide to teach the Restoration of the Gospel. When we get to the part about Joseph Smith, she tells us, "I've heard that name before. About three or four years ago, I had a dream where I heard that name. I had no idea who it was or what it meant, but now I know." Subsequently, we invited her to be baptized on the 18th, and she accepted. All that's left now is to work with the members and her and her daughter to get them all baptized by then. Things are looking very good for them, especially considering the circumstances.

Elizabeth, Alexa, and Christian are their names. They all came to church yesterday, too. So, here's hoping and praying that all goes well!


Elder Joseph Newman

P.S. We lit a floating lamp that you write a wish on. It went up about 5-10 meters, then fell into our nieghboor's back yard. Oh well - at least I got the photo!

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