Monday, October 14, 2013

10/14/13--"What's This?"

Fresh air? Buildings not plastered together? Clear skies? Burning sun? Taxis with a teal checker pattern? Several hours in bus? WHAT CAN IT ALL MEAN?

Well, it must mean that I have finally reached the pueblos (villages/towns/not cities) in the mission with the area of Atlacamulco! ...Still a mouthful for me, but one day I'll get it! So far, everything's great! The house is nice, I'm already out of transport money, and, well, I'm super excited to be out here! Although with the area being so big, and with my companion's back not being broken (long story), I'll need to get back to work at walking fast again. So more leg pains, but it's all good!

What else

Well, in my little farewelling to everyone in Culturas, Fernando, the Man of the Hamburgers, decided to give me not just one, but two free hamburgers last night. So that was delicious.

Also, I really love the busses down here - they're like super cool ground planes with in'ride movies (no I didn't watch), in'ride lunches, and all that delicious stuff.

And recliner chairs. That was nice, too. SO NICE.

Well, I'm still in the opposite situation as you, Dad - I just got another American companion, making it 1 Mexican, 4 Americans. He's Elder Ross, from Spanish Fork, Utah. It's his last change, so, as we say in the mission, I'll be "killing" him. <buahahahaha>  and it's his last change in the field. Also, I'm finally out in the pueblos!

BYU really is a great campus. I absolutely love the community, and the wards there are great as well.

But anyways, I don't really have many stories to share from the last week - we spent a lot of time looking for people and running around trying to get everything in order with some people. As well as trying to finish off the change with a blast - which we did.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... yeah. For once I have extra time.


Well, thanks, y'all! I love ya'll as a missionary does and I hope I don't get sunburnt!


Elder Hombrenuevo I mean Newman

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