Monday, October 21, 2013


My lunch on Tuesday and Moses crossing the Red Sea. And yes, those are grasshoppers. They actually tasted pretty good, especially with some nice green salsa and meat.
Well, this week, I met the oldest brother of the Hnos. (Hermanos) Uribe from Naucalli (because there were two out there that lived down the street), and when that was established, we talked a lot about everyone that I've met in the Uribes.
So that was good.

Anyways, y'all are probably wondering what's up out here in the pueblos! To be honest, not much! But it does remind me a whole lot more of the other places I've lived, like Jenks or Meridian. Why? Because, at night when it's clear, I can see stars. I can look across the valley and see other pueblos in the distance, with a decent black space in between each one. Sometimes it's a little harder to understand the Spanish, but it's just another accent that I'll get used to.

DF reminded me of southern California. Atlaco's just beautiful, as are all the pueblos that we go to. We ride a lot more busses and taxis than in any of my previous areas, the house is about as nice as the one in Culturas, and there's still a lot to do. Since it's Elder Ross's last transfer, we're going to do a lot of sightseeing on P-Days and grabbing souvenirs. So that's going to be fun. Thankfully, he's not a trunky. That'd just make it miserable. He's just as alive as ever, and he, being in his last month, has tons of good advice, i.e. what makes a good district or zone leader, how to do things, and he's making sure I get the confidence of the ward and that I know the area.

Tell Brother Faber and the Bishop I said hi, please, and that I congratulate Andrew on his accomplishment! It's not really getting me cold at night out here - although the other day, Elder Ross and I thought we saw a little snow flurry while it was raining.

It wasn't really snow,
But it seemed to be, 
Frozen water coming down at me!
Lol, popcorn. But anyways, it was just rain that moved like snow. It's actually been raining a lot out here recently, but I like that. Cools things down.

So, about those drawings.
President Whitehead told me and my companion to do something with them. That something is going to the downtown part of the pueblos every day at the same time and same place and drawing for half an hour while my companion contacts some people. He more or less promised miracles. So we're basically getting everything else figured out as to how and when we want to do that.
You'll be hearing stories.
Well, that's about it. I think.
Well, thanks for all your support and love, and all that other great stuff that people think is cool and whatnot!
Elder Newman

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