Monday, October 7, 2013


So yesterday, Elder McKinley's reporting the numbers and we're in the one dry place we can find (because it was raining). Then, some youths decide, "Hey, there are some güeros over there. LET'S HIT THEM WITH ROCKS!" So they start throwing some rocks that they find at as. At first, I see them and they try hiding, but they can't hit us. Clearly frustrated, they decide to blow their cover and start throwing more rocks at us. They never hit us, and they're trying for a good couple minutes. When my comp is done, we then go and talk about it a bit. In the end, we decide it's Samuel the Lamanite meets MC Hammer - CAN'T TOUCH THIS! (Insert tune right here) It was a nice little tender mercy from the Lord after a rough day of little to no success.

Also, my ship that I drew last week is now in the possession of the Mission President's wife because she absolutely loved it. And then I had to draw 14 more. It was... well, we can say fun. But now the President also knows about my talent and appreciates it, so that's all fun! I love knowing that I could help!
Sounds like things have been going pretty well up there in Idaho. Lots of little things happening to make big things happen. We were able to go to the last three sessions of General Conference, but not the first two. In order to go to the first two, we had to bring investigators - which we weren't able to do. So, as a natural response, we ran around for a total of four hours searching those people that might've been willing to come with us to listen to the voice of the Lord - unfortunately, we couldn't find anyone we'd committed to come nor anyone that was available for any session that day. So, naturally, I fall a little bit under the excitement weather and then I went "woe is me" mode.

And then I went to the Priesthood Session, and President Uchtdorf spoke straight at me, answering and more or less resolving every single time I'd ever felt down on myself. I can't wait to get the written copy of that talk. I absolutely love that man - he's a wonderful servant of the Lord. Just as you are, and as Dad is, and as my companion is. Me? I'm just trying my best.

And then I spent extra time on a drawing today, so that felt really good and lifted up my spirits. I have more to say about that in another e'mail though, to give others more to read.

Well, thanks for everything, Mom! We've got really no investigators right now, but it's all good - we've got plans to find more people to teach.

well, g2g. No more time. LAter!

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