Monday, January 20, 2014

The Hand of the Lord in a Pueblo almost nobody has ever heard of


Well, I'm sure that you remember the goal I said about the Acambay (if not, I want to see a branch over there in that pueblo real soon), and I'm super happy to say that the Bishopric has the EXACT SAME GOAL AS I DO. The best part - Neither Elder Riveros nor I mentioned this goal to the bishopric. We went to a Family Home Evening over there and the Bishop said, "Well, welcome to the first meeting of the Acambay Family Group (Which comes before a Branch)!" He said it somewhat jokingly, but then in Ward Council, he mentioned that by the end of 2014 (preferably sooner), the Bishopric wants Acambay and Atlacomulco to be strong enough to be able to divide.

It's going to happen.

On Thursday, one of the assistants (Elder Emch, my old companion) and Zone Leaders came to help out the area. I went with Elder Emch, and we went over to Acambay. We did a lot of good things over there - taught and contacted some people, helped them out a bit, and when it came time to end the divisions (or splits, where companionships switch for a day) Elder Emch and I went over to the downtown to look for a less active member over there. As we were walking, a lady stops us and says, "I was baptized into the Church." She wanted to present us to all her family, and so we arranged that all up. The thing is, when we found her, we were supposed to be in that FHE. Were it not for the seemingly unplanned divisions that day, it probably would've taken a much longer time to find the sister. She brought her aunt and her cousin to Church on Sunday; she has more family over there that may be interested as well.

There's also a family of three that we're going to baptize up there - and, according to the members in Acambay, they will be the first people in Acambay baptized in the history of the Church there. This is going to get them just as, if not more than, excited am.

This and other miracles in Acambay that we've experienced, that we're experiencing, and will experience. I'm just super happy to be a part of this.

I love the mission so much right now. I have less than a year left now - in fact, a year from tomorrow, I might be landing in snowy Idaho. A scary thought, to be honest - but I know that this next coming year is going to be the best out of the two. I'm getting more into my stride, and I'm finding myself improving, if just a little bit, every day. More sensitivity to the Spirit, more ability to follow Him, more hope, more faith, more desire - I think I've finally met the missionary I want to be. I just need to be sure that I continue to know him better and assimilate him into me. Prayer, fasting, faith, study, and all that will help me out. I'm looking for the small things that I might not be doing best - maybe some small obedience issue (keeping my desk clean) (taking out the trash) (things like that) that will affect the bigger things. Studying the Book of Mormon (looking for references to Christ) or other scriptures on the busses rather than lazing around (letting my mind wander) (sleeping's okay; I need it). Exercising in the morning. Sleeping on time. Staying focused. All things that I'm working on, and things I'm progressing on as well. I'm improving, I see progress, and that makes me happy!

I studied Hope today, with the... well, hope that it'd help me develop that attribute. I then realized, "Silly you, you're just a bright ball of hope!" And then I thought, well, time to look for something else and keep my hope up.

Well, I've got my other e'mails to write, so I hope all goes well for all of you and we'll see each other soon! Thanks for your support!

Elder Newman

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