Sunday, February 9, 2014


(A lovely picture of a family with 2 children was here)

The father was a last-second miracle, really. He was dressed in his street clothes up until the moment when we were going to do the baptism, after the testimony of the ordinance by a member. He asked, "Can I go get changed?" The mother broke into tears; Elder Riveros and I had a small Vaudeville routine as we rushed to get him baptismal clothes (we ran into each other), and some of the investigators that the sister missionaries had brought were greatly impacted as a result. There are so many things about this baptism that were miraculous, which is fantastic, because the last week was probably one of the hardest I've had in a very long time. Basically put, it felt like, as Elder Rogers put it in "The Best Two Years", an Ensign story. Anyways, over the last week I was kept afloat due to a large increase in faith, hope, and charity, the primary being faith. I love the mission; I shall not let that change.

Anyways, about other things... I'm finally going to make those peanut butter cookies, I've been teaching the missionary English class, and I've been practicing on the violin more; and Elder Riveros and I are preparing a special number to play in the ward. So that's going to be fun and exciting. And when we get bored with the special number, we practice something just for the fun of it (Paradise). So that's nice and fun, something other than drawing to help me cool down after a week of really hard work. I love it though, that hard work.

I say "in a year is scary" because I never thought that the first year would past by so fast - and everyone keeps telling me that after the first year, it only goes faster... and faster... and faster...

Last things: this family was a result of a member, and I love this work with all my heart. If you've drifted from the Church, come back, and if you've never joined, look into it seriously.

I thank you all for your support and love,

Elder Newman

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