Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Now Live Under a Penthouse‏

Because now I am working in the offices, so I live with the Assistants and the house has to be giant for all the Elders that are going home. So that's cool. We've got an oven, washing machine, drier, dish washer, two floors, 3.5 bathrooms, tons of beds. We've also got; Costco, Subway, and other cools little things like that. And I think a Carl's Jr.

This also means I'm back in the big city and that's why I'm writing on a Saturday because now is when we've got our P-Days. So don't go around thinking that Elder Newman turned apostate!

I hope I don't make any of those "oops" as financial secretary. I've got a lot of tasks to do, including taking care of the less active people here in the ward(s) as well as our investigators. We're going to baptize three people tomorrow.

I think the $100 was for either A. That awful medicine (Vartalon Compositum, as it is called) or my cool jacket. I'm going to think it was the medicine, since it costs about 750 MXN (pesos) to buy. I'm learning currency codes.

On Tuesday I trained the newcoming missionaries in the magical arts of sending in one's reimbursements. That was fun, but I think I'm going to make a powerpoint to get that going better.

I forgot my camera in the house. Sorry. ...I hope I left it in there. It should be in there.

Well, on Sunday Elder Riveros and I saw a huge miracle. The guy from Acambay didn't want to get confirmed but then I called him and the Spirit guided me to say the right things and then he got confirmed and I was like "what did I even say to get him to say yes to coming to church from a pueblo 2 hours away to get confirmed?" and I was like "Oh well, miracles are fantastic!"

Anyways, I've learned a lot of things out here already. Like about repenting and things like that. Really, if we're not repenting every day, life's a whole lot harder. 'Cause Satan gets his little chains in and then more and more and we need to be constantly fighting off those chains because then they're going to get huge and hard to take off. So that's what I've learned recently, and honestly, without repentance, where would the world be?

...I think we'd probably all be fishes or something like that.

Also the chapel is fantastic and we've got an English-speaking ward out here. We go to that one sometimes, too.

Well, thanks for all your support, work, and love and little things like that! It really helps me out a ton in my life. Thanks for all your help!

Anyways, I've got like 20 e'mails or something like that to respond to, as well as Jacob's. So... yeah.

¡Nos vemos!
With Missionary-style love,

Elder Newman

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