Saturday, April 19, 2014

Well then, what have we here?‏

For those of you wondering and that know about it, no, I didn't feel the massive 7.2 earthquake over in Guadalajara. I'm not happy about it, either. The only people that felt it were the Assistants to the President, and nobody else. Not President Whitehead, not me, not my companions, not the Sellers (a senior couple that works here in the mission offices), just the assistants.

And the other millions of people that live here in Mexico city. And the millions-ish that live in Toluca, Pachuca, Morelia, and many other places super far away from here. So... that made me upset. Mostly because I didn't feel it.

So, in other news, I love being an office missionary. Helping out the other missionaries with their finances is really nice; and with an interview I had with President Whitehead the other day, I've got some ideas as to how to change around a lot of stuff, to make things a little easier and so on and so forth.

And then what else do we got going on? Well, the best of it is a baptism tomorrow! Her name is Rita, and wow is here testimony strong. Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, everything - she's got a strong testimony of it, and she's super ready and willing to be baptized tomorrow at seven at night. Before, she was "enojona" - someone that gets mad easily - but now, she's super calm and happy, and is just a great person to be around. Her daughters were baptized about 2 months ago.

Well, that's it for now.

Love you all!

Elder Newman

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