Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 10: Why That's Impossible and the Box That Everyone From District 62B Ought to Read‏

Not really a box, but if you're from my MTC District, read this 'cause this is the only way I can respond to y'all.

I've been entertaining myself in harder times (like when I have to wake up at 5:30 to prepare to help other Elders in the Zone to bring their investigators to Church) by remembering all of your terrified faces and comments during my evil and maniacal laughs. I'm surpressing one right now.

But continuing in seriousness, I think that we all need to meet with each other after the mission.

In Kansas. In winter.

This concludes your District Box for the week. Keep up the good work!

Now to the regularly scheduled E-Mail.

Okay, so I've got one or two pictures for y'all this week 'cause there weren't any baptisms yesterday - just five confirmations.

IT'S THE BATHROOM. Also, side note: Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, and The Simpsons are more or less everywhere around here. And I mean EVERYWHERE.

IT'S THE MAIN ROOM! Specifically, my desk. ...Yup. ...Huh.

So anyways, the significance behind the title of "Why That's Impossible." E. V thinks I'll be married two months after the mission - 2 weeks to look for a girlfriend, two weeks to date her, one month to plan the Temple sealing and the other things that marriage involves (like cake. I hear there's cake involved in marriage), and at the end of that second month, I'm sealed. But, as we all know, that's impossible, and there's a reason for that: I can still count on two hands how many dates I've been on.


That and President Hinckley said "Marry in haste, have a lifetime to repent" or something like that.


Regarding the deletion of my Tumblr, DESTROY IT ALL and just leave a message for 24 hours or so that says I'm loving the mission, everyone should call up their local Missionaries and get baptized, and that each blog will be viciously destroyed by 1000 Angry Suns from Super Mario Bros. 3. You know the ones I'm talking about. Also you don't need to say that specifically, but either way, just let whatever followers I have left know that their favorite blog will soon be nothing but reset binary code and human memories.

Flawed. Human. Memories.

Also my (insert clothing article here) is doing fine, but some of my white shirts are already stained. Turns out, suncscreen stains white.

I've also been blessed to see the power of the Gospel in a person's life this week - and I feel as if any attempt to describe it in the limited time I have left will do it no justice. So I"ll talk about it during a General Conference talk or something like that. If I'm ever a General Authority, that is.

Speaking of which, we got a lot of investigators this week - one of them being a guy named D who lived in the States for 12 years and is back here. So, naturally, he knows pretty good English and Spanish (since he was born in Mexico), so we taught him the Billingual Version of the Plan of Salvation. We taught him about the Fall, and he said - without us needing to tell him - that it seemed like it was necessary for the Fall to happen.

Astonishment from both Elder V (who, I think I failed to mention, hails from T and likes sports) followed.

Let's see... what else... I think I might've accidentally permanently redesigned the Jij, literal familial brothers. Oops. I'll probably send a letter with their new design. Don't hate me. Also I saw a little statue today that reminded me of the little baby Weeping Angels in that one Doctor Who episode. I was a little creeped out.

SOOOOOOOOO I think that's more or less it for this week - although it's hard to believe that I'm more or less already 10% done with the Mission - not exactly, as it's 104 weeks long and not 100 weeks long, but still - It's practically 9.5% or something like that (no I didn't do the math - but you can't sue me for laziness. At least, not in regards to that).

Also, I don't need to buy as much water any more, so that's good.

Okay, I'm going to write the Family-Only part of the e-mail now.


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