Monday, April 8, 2013

Week Nine: PIZZA'S ON THE SEVENTY and Missionary Childcare Services‏

So this week was pretty interesting... I'll show some of it by way of pictures.

My comp celebrated his nine-month anniversary (I just barely completed my two-month), so we bought this hulking beast. And then the next night, an Area Seventy bought us one of these as well.

And four liters of soda.

AND CAN YOU SAY FIRST CONVERT BAPTISM? I thought so. Although M (since that's her name) learned more or less everything in O, we found her working, and she mentioned how she was taught by missionaries and went to Church and then she went to Conference and then she got baptised and then here we are.

I baptised these two (Hermana's work again) on Saturday. This is where the Childcare comes in - all the missionaries had to keep all eyes we had and more on these two while their parents filled out papers and things. They were handfuls, but fun to be around, too.

And then I set up these things: a calender to see how far I've gotten and a set of goals that I want to achieve (in the form of Acheivements. I've gotten two).

Bueno bueno bueno.

So I was only able to really watch the final session of conference - we're prohibited from watching any Saturday sessions, and on Sunday morning, nobody told me until AFTER the session that Conference came in English. I could barely understand anything in the Spanish version - as it turns out, my brain doesn't like seeing English but hearing Spanish.

Speaking of which, one of the things I've missed most, as I said last week, is English.

I really enjoyed all the talks, but of course, Elder Holland's talk is the one that's stuck with me the most, especially the phrase "Hope on. Journey on." I really want to make that my motto. Conference really inspired me this time around, and has also greatly changed the way I'm looking at the mission. Instead of looking back with longing, I'm looking forward with Hope. Instead of looking at how far I've yet to go, I'm looking at how far I've gotten. And sooner than I'll want, I'll be at home.

And when that happens, the first thing I'm doing is sleeping in.

On purpose.



  1. Each week his letters get more inspiring. I am so proud of my nephew!!

  2. Awesomeness from my amazing Grandson! Way to go Elder Newman!!