Monday, April 29, 2013


I don't think I have any photobomb pictures, but I call it that because, well, I've got a lot of pictures today.

I mentioned these two in week 10. The hermano is an honest miracle, as well as his daughter. They make baptisms two and three for me!

A "Libro de Recuerdos" that I put together. Other missionaries write in it or I put stuff I find in it. It will be fun to look through after the mission.


And my new compa is Elder W. He's got 15 or so months to his name, and speaks really good Spanish. Basically, we'll be speaking very little English.

Life is feeling a lot more normal for me now, and now that I've completed the first transfer (got myself an achievement for doing so!), I'm feeling pretty confident. I'm still in N, if anyone was wondering if I'd gone somewhere new or anything like that. Nope. That'll happen next time.

And I completely forgot all the questions that everyone had. BUT that's okay - the pictures should keep you all occupied long enough in order for y'all to forgive me.

Especially the one with the ghost in it.

Pues... well, we had no baptisms on Sunday - but we did have 5 possibles by the end of the week. By which I mean we started with three, got two more, then all 5 more or less fell flat, which, to be honest, was quite disappointing.

Especially since I had to carry around all the baptismal things all around the N area yesterday.

Oh well.

SO THAT'S ABOUT IT. Unless your a part of my nuclear family.


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