Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week Eight: Robin, Get me the Bat Book of Bat Idioms!

Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 17:42:06 -0600

Week Eight because we just finished Week Eight. Picture time:
Remember this guy, Dad? Served in your Zone in Salina Cruz. You've probably already gotten an e-mail from him (Javier Uribe). It was nice being able to talk about someone that knows you. We ate Lunch with him.

The local Catholics, every Easter, do an Easter Pageant in timing with the actual Easter. E. V and I saw these guys, so naturally, we had to take pictures with them. And then I bought this: 

Hot dog, Oaxaca cheese, american cheese, pinapple, more... man, that thing was delicious.

Now, on to the Idioms. Last night, on the way to Comida (the meal we have with the members), we were driving down a hill that I thought I'd have to climb back up, while wearing my suit, in high heat. As we were driving, my mind randomly came up with "SWEET LOWERED EXPECTATIONS I'M GOING TO DIE."
Sweet lowered expectations? I don't even.

Anyways, I didn't have to climb back up 'cause the members we ate with drove us to a house where two investigators who once lived in Utah and had been attending Church for, I think, three years, lived. So, E. V interviewed them and then this happened:

Yup. Baptism! I didn't have extra undergarments with me, but still, baptism. And yes, it was the Sisters that taught them. Everyone we were/are teaching was on vacation or something. Hopefully they're all back by now.

Idiom 2: turns out, M does Daylight Savings Time as well. I learned that at the Baptism. So, after saying I don't know how to say this in Spanish, said, "I thought I dodged that bullet!" The guy investigator, who knew enough English to talk with me, asked what it meant, so then I taught him the meaning.

It was so nice talking with someone in English. You all don't even know.

So those were the idioms. I also ate hot wings today - I almost died because I got the spiciest kind - Atomic. Sad thing is, there's no level between Cajun and Atomic - Cajun isn't spicy enough, but I need to consume about two cans of Sprite before I can breathe again after a bite of the Atomic. I lost my appetite afterwards.

I also had my second experience with a drunk this week - he wanted to fight us, but then we ran, and then I was scared, but then we never saw him again and then we lost an investigator as a result. Le sigh...

That's it for all y'all this week - like I said, everyone was on Vacation, and I've been spending more or less all my money on Water and Transportation. But mostly water.

Probably around 100 pesos worth of water was bought last week. And Water's typically only around 5-7 pesos here.

...thinking about it, that's probably an underestimate.

I also think I had diarrhea, but it's all good now (DON'T YOU DARE WORRY, MOM. DON'T. YOU. DARE.). I don't think I drank the water... and Elder H, before you ask, "But did you though?", YOU WASN'T WIT' ME SHOOTIN' IN THE GYM!

Also, J, if you could delete my Tumblr,  that'd be great. Also clear my Skype contacts, leaving only you, Boo, J, Mom, Dad, and... I think that's about it. ...Yup. Thanks!


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