Sunday, August 4, 2013

(Really) Week 19: My Saturday Breakfast‏

(From 6/24/13 email)

Look at this deliciousness:

Pancakes. With peanut butter. With syrup. It was so delicious. Thank you Mom for sending me the peanut butter.

Anyways, this week I'm telling you about food. Why? Because people like giving us food. We have a recent convert with a burger stand. He makes us burgers. We also have an investigator that makes plátanos fritos. Basically, fry a sliced banana, throw strawberry jelly on it, chocolate sprinkles, some creams, caramel, and an occasional deep-fried banana, and you've got one delicious desert. They're right next to each other, too.

But anyways, there's more. President V has reached the end of his service, and that means President W (a friend of Dad's Uncle R) is arriving. Changes are coming!

Well, what else have I got? ...I still don't miss hills. Found that out last week.

I also drew a monster. He's called ebenezer and it must always be written like that. ebenezer ruins everything. you'll find out what he looks like next week.

Something that I find funny is when it rains. It cools down quite a bit here, and whenever we meet some locals around here while it's raining, they see me and Elder E in our short sleeve shirts and they almost always ask, "¿No tienen frio?" meaning, "Aren't you cold?"

No. No we aren't. They're freezing their faces off, wearing these thick and heavy coats (or at least a sweater), and we're thinking, "This is perfect! Why can't it be like this all day and all night?" Well, I can't read Elder E's mind... yet... but I know I'm thinking it. I love the rainy season.

Well, that's about all I think. Pancakes, hamburgers, fried bananas, ebenezer, and freezing locals and melting Americans. And a new President that will come. Pretty good week.

I also drank at least 5.5 liters of apple soda this week. One 3 liter bottle and one 2.5 liter bottle that I can get refilled for like... 10 pesos or something.

I should probably stop before I get diabetes.

And also I talk in my sleep.

And also not really that was all.

Elder N

No not really. HI!

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