Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 19: The Things I Do to Get to the Door‏

(From 6/17/13 email)

C is pure buildings. These buildings have gates on them that get in our way when we're trying to get to investigators. Sometimes, they also block the doorbells, so you need to get clever to get to them. That's me stretching as hard as I can to hit the doorbell switch with my pen.

It then turns out to be a light switch, and now I need to turn it off. And my pen doesn't reach that far, so what do I do?

Light switch, meet chair. Chair, lightswitch.

It was a lot easier with Chair than with Pen.

So yeah, things here are great. I love not having to climb hills, the members are great, and the chapel here has filtered drinking fountains and carpet!

CARPET. That stuff is incredibly rare here.

Also, if you have a Patriarchal Blessing, go read it. There's some great stuff in there. And you never know what you'll figure out and I'm so hungry right now.

That's about all I've got  this week.


I still wonder what that Yakult stuff is.

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