Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 17: C, C‏

(From 6/10/13 email)

CHANGES JUST HAPPENED and someone here has a ringtone that makes the original Wild Pokémon Encounter sounds.

This is my new companion, Elder E:
Yeah... the upload was taking too long. It´s an attachment. Also any strange punctuation is due to me being unable to change the Keyboard settings.

Anyways, I´m now in an area called C in the Zone of C. No more N for me. As I gave a farewell to my converts, I couldn´t help but already miss them. And I just found the apostrophe key. It's annoying.

Anyways, C is like the opposite of N - NO HILLS. This makes me smile, because in case you couldn't tell by my past e-mails, I'm kinda tired of hills.

But enough about that, what about the week?

I went to T on an airplane-bus (basically, a bus that was like an airplane in comfort and style - they even had an on-ride movie) to resolve a visa issue that I didn't need to be there for (woke up at 4:00 to get there on time. Fun.), returned to T to get the papers finished up, and got a free pound of french fries covered in cheese, salsa, and ketchup from a member. They were delicious - and then the same night I found red cream soda. Turns out, it's actually Peach Soda. Who knew?

Anyways, that's about what I've got for this week.

Later, y'all, and have fun!

Elder N
...Those fries were so delicious...

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