Monday, September 16, 2013


Anyways, I've got less time today because I had to fill out a questionaire... or however that's spelled. We get American Sisters next change - evidently, it's something that they've been preparing for quite some time now.

In terms of how I've been doing, things have been going great! Except Mexican Independence Day is awful. Because nobody wanted to let us in, if they were even home. NOBODY was home, not even the people that said they'd be home. So basically, we got very little work done. Thankfully, there was one person we could talk with so that we weren't wandering around the area doing nothing productive. So that was good.

As for the hurricane... well, I just heard Veracruz got hit, and we were getting the storms as a result of it. And yes, my gear is holding up quite fine. The thing I've been hearing more than anything about was the war in Syria or something like that? I dunno, neither me nor Elder McKinley know anything about it. Just that there was something going on there or something and the US wanted to get involved?

Recently, I've been focusing on truly learning Preach My Gospel and I read the Book of Abraham, which, to my surprise, I'd never done before. Apart from Abraham's tone in the book, which I love, the doctrine held inside is awesome, and I love how it explains a lot and clarifies some things about Abram's history in Genesis. It's cool.

As for experiences, we've been working on getting less active members to come back to Church, and we managed to get one back on Sunday! It was kinda hard, since yesterday was Noche Mexicana and today is Independence Day here. It seems like everyone celebrates it on the 15th though in the city, which is weird. Also, have you heard anyone use the future subjunctive in regular speech? I don't think so, but I just want to make sure.

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