Monday, September 9, 2013

Enjoying the Work

Yesterday we had a pretty interesting experience. While my compa and I were hunting down an apartment for some of the sister missionaries in our district, we came across a drunk guy (and for once, the drunk guy's not the focus of the story). As we're trying to see if he's got a deal for us or not, one of our old investigators who we lost contact with ran up to us and shooed the drunk away (she already knew him and he wasn't helping us at all so it was all good). As we chatted with her, we found out that she'd run away from her aunt because her aunt is absolutely crazy. She told us she didn't know where she was going to sleep that night, and Elder M and I had the exact same thought about who we could take her to. We took her to the house, and there, the family immediately accepted her, but she was slightly reluctant to accept. After a chat (where I used the story of Alma and Amulek's first meeting to help) she eventually decided to stay there while she waited to get things set up with one of her friends.

As I looked back on the situation, everything looked like the Lord put us, the sister missionaries, our investigator, that drunk, and a whole lot of other people in the right places, situations, and times at the the exact right moment not just once, but many times as well. I couldn't help but think of a masterpiece grandfather clock, with all the cogs and gears moving in unison and harmony to keep the clock moving, ticking, and working to fulfill its purpose. It was an experience that brought Small and Simple Things to life for me yet again. I must say, Alma 36:6-7 may well be my favorite scripture now.

Well, I still got to write everyone else, so I'll leave you with that. I'm super excited to get back to work soon, because I absolutely love the work now. There are still some times when I'm less than excited, but then I remember experiences like that, and it makes me want to work some more to find one of those events again. It's kinda like computer programming, but that's a subject for another time.

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