Saturday, May 24, 2014

IHOPe They Don't Ask that IHOP‏

Those were 204 well-spent pesos on IHOP's New York Cheesecake style pancakes and orange soda. We went to IHOP. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS AND PROOF THAT MY [credit] CARD WORKS (thank goodness, too - IHOP's pretty expensive down here. It's like... $40 to add two pancakes to the meal. I splurged today, but it was worth it. Really.) IT WAS SO DELICIOUS AND I'VE BEEN MAKING PANCAKES WRONG MY ENTIRE MISSION. [And yes, that's orange soda he's drinking with the pancakes.]

Now where can I get me some New York Cheesecake to bake into my pancakes...?

Anyways, how was this week? Well, one word sums it up: BUSY. RIDICULOUSLY SO. But that's okay; that made it more interesting. Running around, doing a [baptismal] interview (that was nerve-wracking, until it was clear that they weren't ready :( ), doing payments, trying to get the reimbursements page fixed, planning a District Meeting, getting some accidental payments arranged, and all sorts of interesting and fun stuff. I did get a blackberry tamale, however, so that made me happy.  The week was exhausting, and that's good. I learned quite a bit, did a lot, probably changed some amount. My shirts are way too big for me now, as you might be able to tell by the drooping nametag in the picture. And all the folds and how big my shirt looks. It still makes me laugh. I gave my first district meeting on Tuesday, and it went... pretty well. Nobody rebelled and brought out the torches and pitchforks, so that's gotta be good! I'm always ready to sleep and sleep well by the end of the day. I almost don't even have enough energy by the end of the day to eat! But, like I said, it's all fine and well.

So... in other news... stake conference was really good. I learned quite a bit. President Whitehead shared a story of a time where he was at a lunch with Elder Holland and his wife (did I mention that Pres. Whitehead is really good friends with Elder Holland - like to the point where, if necessary, President Whitehead has Elder Holland's personal cell phone number?), and Elder Holland was asked to give the prayer for the food. After about 30 seconds of silence, Elder Holland began to converse with the Lord - and I say converse, because that's pretty much how President described it. After hearing that - how a prayer, even though it be for food, should be a conversation with the Lord - I thought to myself, "Well... I've got something to work on." And then later I decided that I needed to do better actually getting new investigators (kinda difficult when you only work 4 hours a day in the field).

Well, I've already got to go.

JavaScript is a pain.


Elder Newman

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