Saturday, May 3, 2014

Score of the Week‏

Fun fact: this e'mail goes to 38 people each week.

So, to begin, here's some delicious:

​Why, yes, those are peanut-butter-filled pretzels. And yes, that it a lot of drinkable yogurt (6.7 pesos each, so it came out cheaper. Who doesn't love Costco?).

Also, Mom and Dad, I actually did have my camera with me in Zocalo... hehe... oops... (For those who aren't "in the know" if that's how some people say it in English, El Zócalo is the center of Mexico City, with el Palacio Nacional, a giant catholic church, a huge public square, some sketchy markets, and all sorts of really fun stuff!)

So, how are things going in the offices? Well, we're getting ready for some new missionaries to be coming in a week, so I've got to get all their money things arranged so their trainers don't hate me (getting them their emergency money, their medical cards, making sure that they've got some money on there, I just remembered that I needed to take some money off of one sister's card, etc. etc.)

And we're also teaching a really good investigator right now named Jesús. Yes, I need the accent there, otherwise I read it in English. He's accepting everything really easily, from Word of Wisdom to Tithing and from Joseph Smith to the Book of Mormon. We've just got to get him a little more... excited, I think the correct word would be. He's going to be baptized; he's said so himself. We just think that being a little more excited would help out a bit.

In other news, we've also got to find a house for some sister missionaries here in the ward, because President's looking to put some sisters here. The problem is... there's nothing available for rent that's cheap and good and... well, available more than anything. I mean, there is available apartments to rent out - that cost more than $10,000 pesos. That's the problem -  it needs to cost less. Like... $6000 pesos less. So that's been a thing we've been working on recently.

Well, gotta go now. I love you all and all your support that you give me (even if you just delete this email when you get it or say "Oh, Elder Newman sent an email. I'll read it later" and then forget about it, which I'm sure none of you do).


Elder Newman

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