Saturday, May 17, 2014

I Did Bring My Camera This Time‏

So we went to Zocalo, because there's a multicultural festival over there at the moment. I say festival; I mean fair.

All those white tents are various countries, with a gigantic Mexican Flag flying over them, with the Zocalo - a giant and old cathedral - in the background. It was a pretty cool place. And there were some interesting experiences there, as well.

First has to do with us missionaries. We went there with the assistants, so we're three Americans and one Mexican and we're in Mexico. So, naturally, which booth do we go to to learn more about foreign cultures? The one labeled "Estados Unidos", or "United States."

..."We're the United States. Your argument is invalid."

...*ahem* There were cardboard cutouts of President Obama and his wife. (I almost wrote "Sister Obama" and then I thought "Wait...") I think I've seen more of him today than I have in my entire mission.

Second thing, before they even opened up. We were walking down the street, and they were having a little parade of all the countries. There was some pretty cool stuff there, and at the end, a mariachi band to represent Mexico. Everyone's pretty happy and excited with everything until the mariachis start playing their songs - and then everyone goes WILD. Cheering, whistling, etc, and I think to myself, "Huh... well, there goes THAT stereotype!"

It was pretty funny, though.

And last week I carved a turkey.

​Technique gets a 1.h, but hey, it was my first time.

And here's me eating a pupusa, a Salvadorian dish (You're going to have to look pretty hard to see it):

​...And there's the cathedral again. There were a lot of members over in the fair today, and they always wanted a picture with us. But that's okay.

Well, that's about it for right now. I'm exhausted, but that's good. This week was packed with things to do!

Finances, new missionaries, changes, running around doing errands, being a district leader over sisters, more finances, losing the mission card (oops), trying to get that replaced when Bank of America wants to know the 16 digits ("What do you not understand about I lost the card and don't know the number?") (I eventually got that resolved), trying to get payments setup correctly when IMOS doesn't work correctly, and so on and so forth. Busy week, but that's okay. I sleep fantastically at nights now. Which reminds me of something one of the Bank of America guys said - I basically said "There's been a lot of work, but that's okay. It helps me sleep well at night." He replied, "I wish it was that way for me," and then we stopped chatting because the problem got resolved or something like that. I don't remember. But it made me think afterwards - One, he could use the gospel in his life, and 2) Why would there be a difference? We both work hard at a desk, I sleep well, but he doesn't? Well, I came to the conclusion that it's got to be because of the peace that the Gospel brings to one's life. The peace and hope and joy; and when one goes to sleep, at least for me, that's when I reflect a bit. Without the gospel, I'm pretty sure those Reflection Sessions would be "DESPAIR BWAHAHAHAHA" Sessions, leading to sleepless nights and general worry and non-peace and non-joy. Whatever those words are in English.

I'll stick with the first and have a good night's rest.

And that's the end of my ramblings.

Love you all,

Elder Newman

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