Saturday, June 14, 2014

These are Some Pretty Cool Pictures‏

​That was when we got soaked by walking in the rain. The streets were literally rivers. This was actually from a while ago.

This is from this week:

​I actually look like a secretary in this picture! And that was a crazy day. I will always remember that this was a crazy day because I had to bring my breakfast to the offices (as you can see by the peanut butter and jelly in the background and my sloppy desk - oh wait, that last part is normal...) I helped take President Whitehead's daughter to the airport, called Salt Lake City to talk about the problem we were having with IMOS and the missionary cards, and so on and so forth that day. And more!

And then today I made a true Mexico style quesadilla: tortilla, prepared the meat, everything!

​And it tasted really good, too, with good cheese, ¡chorizo [sausage], lechuga [lettuce], salsa verde que pica un poco [mildly spicy green salsa], y una tortilla de maíz bien [good corn tortilla] 

¿Ya soy mexicano? Pues, no, pero casí he llegado a este punto. Aunque yo sea güero. [Am I Mexican? Well, no, but I've gotten to this point. Even though I am a white guy.]

I'll just probably have to go find cheap shirts and whatnot around here soon - pants, rather. It'll probably be better than having to go get them sewed up and refitted - almost every pair of jeans I have now has at least a small hole in it or another, and my shirts... well, those are doing fine. It's the pants that I need more of.

Anyways, what else is new? Laura's baptism was fantastic - Elder Christensen, one of the assistants, and I did a trio singing "Nearer, My God, to Thee" with the first, fourth, and fifth verses, starting the fifth  a capella or however it's spelled. Supposedly, we did a very good job. So I guess I'll be joining the choir someday... you win. [Mom's only been trying to talk him into it for many years.]

Thanks for all your support!


Elder Newman

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