Saturday, June 7, 2014

Evidently, That Costs Money‏

Elder Christensen and I decided to go see the Castle of Chapultepec today. There are some wonderful sights out there - like these:

​No idea who that weird kid is in that last one.

But yes, we were thinking, "Oh cool! Free, super-famous museum like the Smithsonian!"

Nope. That costs money.

Also, I've been wondering - why can't they make auto-fitting pants? I've lost 40 pounds here in the mission; none of my pants fit me anymore. I think I'm the only secretary in the past who knows how long that's lost weight - and I barely even do any push-ups in the mornings! And my shirts are huge, too. Everything I have (except for my new suit, my 15-month-old--but-still-running-strong shoes, and my 15-month-old-and-also-still-running-strong socks) is too big for me.

I kinda feel like that's one of those "first world issues" kind of problems.

That and I think I have only 2 or 3 pairs of jeans that don't have holes in them. Large, gaping holes, that is. All of them are slightly broken. That means I've lost count of how many pants I've ripped. It's more than 10.

Anyways, we've got a baptism planned tomorrow - her name is Laura - the one with whom we had the super amazing spiritual Restoration lesson so much time ago. One of the assistants told me that she bore her testimony for ten minutes, talking about Joseph Smith and the commandments and so on and so forth before he could even begin the interview. She's amazing - and I'm so glad she's taking this step, at long last. Does that mean our work here is done? ¡Para nada! (Not in the slightest!)

There're more people we've got to find, more brothers and sisters drifting in the world with a need to come to Christ. They need this light, we've got to find them, we've got to help them know that they need this light, and help them reach forth and take a hold to it. And then, when all is said and done, they bring others to the light, and in the end, they live as an eternal family in the kingdom of God.

That's pretty much what our job is out here.

I love the mission, I really do. I can't imagine where I'd be or what I'd be doing without it. I've learned so much; I wouldn't return to the beginning of the mission if I had to forget all I've learned. If I could remember it and return to the beginning... well, what am I waiting for? Sadly, that's not an option. Probably because timey-wimey wibbly wobbly stuff would break.

Well, I'm almost out of time, and hope that this email finds all of you well and happy!

Elder Newman

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