Saturday, June 28, 2014

Long Story Short: THINGS HAPPENED.‏

That's what I've been saying to my Financial Secretary Replacement recently. There is a lot of stuff that happened within the past few weeks that have gotten arranged and are still continuing, and sometimes, it's somewhat sensitive information and sometimes it's a TL;DR (too long; didn't read) kind of deal, and sometimes, it's a "Well it's already been arranged and I don't really want to remember that, so... long story short, Things Happened."

And that is how it happened.

For our meal today, we went to someone's "house" - more like vacation resort.

That's just the pool. You can't see: the tennis court, the nearby AMERICA, and the "Am I really in Mexico?" across the street. It feels like Utah or Southern California over there.

As for me... what have I been up to? WHY, THAT IS A GOOD QUESTION. I've been training the missionary that's going to replace me as financial secretary. As such, I've been kinda bored, since in the offices, there are only two things to do: computer work and busy work. And since I've been training the guy, having him do both, if there's no computer available I've got very little to do.

Like spinning around in a chair. Or reading talks (which I like to do, but I can't sit and read for hours on end still). Or doodling. Or any number of non-productive tasks or short-lived productive tasks because I do them so fast. I've got to figure out something better to do.

Anyways, if everything goes according to plan, I should be leaving the offices a week from Monday and going to the state of Michoacan, to the branch of Maravatio. Probably. But, if there's anything I've learned by being in the offices, it's that things rarely go exactly as according to plan and that A LOT can happen in a mission in just a day, and especially in a week. A missionary can arrive, a missionary can leave, and if either of those two things happen, I could have a lot more time in the offices than I'm expecting.

Nevertheless, life is good and I'm really enjoying myself - or at least, learning how to be happier.

Thank you for all your support, direct, indirect, subconscious, or otherwise.


Elder Newman

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