Tuesday, August 12, 2014


And I'm still losing weight. Elder McKinley gave me a belt that fit perfectly 6 weeks ago, but now it's too big. I'm going to need new pants.

What else is up? Well, things are going well in the area. Better than before. We had 3 people fall through on Sunday, but then God sent 2 more people to Church, so that made me and Elder R happy. I'm beginning to see some more areas where we can improve - obedience being a key one. What I mean to say is that I'm going to drag us to be obedient, if necessary. As one man who I interviewed last week said, "[We're] too old. [We] don't have time to break the commandments of God!"

Everyone's too old to break themselves against the commandments.

(I think I get some points for that statement, right?)

I like progress. And now I'm realizing again just how much the Mission has changed me.

... I'm so incredibly happy for this.

Well, I've got to write some other emails, so that's it for now.

Elder Newman

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