Monday, August 25, 2014

Elder Newman Has Come Into Possession of a Car's Side Mirror‏

My companion was hit by a car yeseterday (he's alright) and the side mirror was torn off by who knows what. As the little coward sped off without doing anything legal, I gathered the pieces and put it together. I'm bringing it home with me.

So, what else happened? Well... we've got two people lined up for baptism this week. Domingo and Griselda (prayers appreciated). That's the big news. It's going to be a tough week - we fell into a slump last week, and we need to recover from it and do all that we can in order to help the sisters in our district do better as well. So, we'll be working a ton.

Especially since Elder Rizabal's bike was trashed and my bike's chain completely fell off for no reason whatsoever. So... we've got no bikes now. But that's okay, there are some others.

Thanks for all your support!

Elder Newman

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