Monday, September 22, 2014

Sep. 22, 2014

My new companion is Elder G, from Utah. He's a big guy, and he's got some troubles with Spanish and keeping up with me on my bike, but aside from that, he's a good guy. Training's a WHOLE LOT HARDER THAN I THOUGHT. But that's because I pretty much have to carry the area by myself, lead the district correctly, and make sure that my companion still feels well. I'm just super glad that he doesn't complain (he got some cramps last week... :P) He's willing to work hard and to learn, and I've been learning a lot better recently, surprisingly enough. It took me a few days to get used to this kind of responsibility - but I've got it now.

But yeah... I didn't adjust to having a brand-new new companion as fast as I would have liked, so not much happened in the area. On the positive side, however, I did manage to break my all time record of contacts. 42 contacts in a single week! To make it even better, all of those happened from Wednesday to Sunday. On Saturday, I fought to get 10 - that was a task. But now I know I can do it again, so I SHALL!

I was in the city la Noche Mexicana (Mexican Independence Day, Sep. 16), and WOW that was a long night. I forgot my earplugs here in Maravatio, so I had to sleep to the sound of fireworks, music, and shouting. So... that was interesting.

Also, I'm now very nearly Mexican. I'm forgetting English, my accent is getting better, I eat a lot of tortillas, y nopal es lo mejor (and cactus is the best). Puse mucho en mis tacos de chuleta con fréjoles (¿se supone que se escribe con la "e" y no con la "i"?) y también salsa de mole. Fue muy rico. Sé que me falta mucho aún, pero allí voy. ("I put a lot on my tacos cutlet with beans (is it supposed to be spelled with the "e" and not the "i "? ) And mole sauce. It was very rich. I know a lot yet, but there I go." Thank you, Google Translate! I think...)

Love you all, and we'll see you all later!

Elder Newman

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