Monday, September 1, 2014

Building by Destruction‏

I love strange titles like that

Anyways, back to the (way more) important stuff:

I tore down a wall last week:

It was for Domingo, who got baptized yesterday, with Griselda and someone else who was baptized by the sister missionaries:

​Things are going really well here in Maravatio. The Church is growing - we had 80 people in Church yesterday. Last week there were only 65 people there. Now I just need to find a massive family to baptize and then I will be a happy man.

Well, I am a happy man already. But then I'll be a lot happier. And they will be too. So, if you know and families down here in Maravatio that I could visit... tell me so I can help them please.

It's incredibly important.

Also I had a dream last night too...I think we were in the house of President Whitehead getting ready to go back home. You (Mom) and Dad were there because that's how it's going to happen. Aaand... I was sad because I didn't want to go :( "I don't want to go!" 

Thanks for all your support, everyone!

Elder Newman

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