Monday, September 15, 2014

Sep. 15, 2014

EVERYTHING IS ABOUT TO GO REALLY WELL OUT HERE IN MARAVATIO - we brought about 4 people to church, 3 for the first time and one for the second time. I was incredibly happy for that.

Anyways, as for changes, I stayed in Maravatio, like Presidente Whitehead said I would. But, to make things interesting, I'M TRAINING!  I like training. Well, I'd better like it. I'm going to find out who tomorrow. I'm super excited for this. Nervous, but if the Lord trusts me, I trust me. It'll be an adventure, seeing as I've never done this before and the new Elder's American, so who knows how much Spanish he's got. But either way, I'm excited to meet him tomorrow. I'll send a pic when I can (prolly next week).

AAAAAAND... well, G and D are still doing well. It really helps that D's daughter and grandchildren are members that are almost 100% active (like.... 99.9999999999999% active), and for G, I hope we can get some of her family members baptized so that she can have a little more support. Also, the spacebar doesn't work quite as well as I'd like. BUT OH WELL. Things are well, we're progressing, and things are going well!

In Maravatio, there's a railway that passes right through the middle of town. I have to have crossed and walked along that thing more than 100 times now. It's also very, very loud, so whenever it passes, the entire town knows. Well, almost the whole town.

Well, that's about it for right now. And some music is just straight out strange. I'm glad that it's not all over the place and that it doesn't really distract me.

Love you all, and thanks for your support!

Elder Newman

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