Monday, October 20, 2014

¡Miren! Un correo más grande esta vez‏ (Look! A bigger email this time)

I'm forgetting English, if you couldn't tell. Also, Día de los Muertos se acerca (Day of the Dead is getting closer):

​The white thing on top is called muertito. It means "little/small dead (guy)". Underneath that is a type of bread called lagrimas, or tears. It's incredibly delicious.

Also, I was stressed and kinda distracted last night, so with only two whiteboard markers, I drew this where I keep track of all our investigators:

​I know it's more shaped like an egg than it is a ball. But I was tired, it was past 10, and I only have two colors. Those two.

Anyways, now for something that actually might help cada uno de ustedes (each one of you):

Last night, I was feeling kinda... well, discouraged isn't the word. Concerned is more like it, as it's the last week of the change and things aren't looking to great for anyone in the district right now. The Sisters haven't baptized at all, and we've got one, but I want all of us to end the transfer very, very well, with a baptism. Especially since this is Elder G's first transfer and the final of one of the sisters in my district. So, sitting there and trying to think, "What do I need to do to get everything working for the end of this week?", I had the distinct impression to read my patriarchal blessing. So I do. I reach a paragraph that just drills itself into my mind. And I think, why did I never see this before and why do I need to know this right now? And then I get it - I need to ask my companion for a blessing of counsel. So I do, and then we have a marvelous spiritual experience. I learned a lot - and it helped me a ton. The Spirit filled the room, and it was fantastic.

I'm expecting to leave Maravatio this change, given some clues that the Zone Leaders have given me. THey don't know the changes yet - supposedly. But they are dropping a lot of clues that I'm not going to finish off here in Maravatio. I'm so glad for this blessed opportunity that I had to be here. I learned so many things.

Learn what you can. Also, I believe that I'll be sent out of Maravatio next week, at the end of changes. That's no fun, but oh well. Wherever the Lord sends me, I will go. It's exciting, too.

Well, that's it for now - I'm out of time. Thanks for everything, everyone, and we'll see you next year!

Because "next year" sounds longer than "in January" or "in three months".

Elder Newman (Mexicano)

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