Monday, November 10, 2014


Some people say that the mission is the best two years for one's life, and others say that it's the best two years of one's life. I have now reached the latter - because I wouldn't trade these two years for anything else. NOTHING. And I love it. I, too, have seen how specific areas havce helped me in my life (still not too sure about Idaho, but...), how various people have helped me, how I've helped other people, and so forth. Things are wonderful, and if things keep on going as they are, I will be a very happy missionary towards the end of my time in the field. 

Anyways, we were able to find a new home. It's very small, but very cozy as well. I kinda feel like I'm in a hotel room there, but that's good. We don't have to worry about paying my light or gas or water bills anymore, however! And, even though we barely got any time to work duing the week, everything went a lot better for us this time. This week, there are no extraordinary events planned, so that means we'll do fantastically. The meeting I've got planned for tomorrow is also turning out pretty well. My English probably needs a lot of surgery - it's not terribly healthy, as two witnesses have attested. I'm also quite skinnier.

¿Podemos olvidarnos del inglés y hablar puro español por favor? Ya no sé mi lengua materna, y el inglés es demasiado difícil... mejor cambiemos al español. Sí, me gusta este plan. Hay más reglas que no se rompen. (Can we please forget English and just speak Spanish? I don't know my mother language, and English is much more difficult...better to change to Spanish. Yes, I like this plan. There are fewer rules to break.) All I know is that I'm happier speaking Spanish now, even though I am companions with a güero (gringo).
So, last week was a lot better than the last one. We had the anual Mission Tour, and Elder Jesús A. Ortiz of the (Area?) Seventy came. (I heard First Quorum of the Seventy and Area Seventy, so I'm confused. He didn't clarify after they presented him.) He talked about many things - about how to work, and, what seemed like a direct commentary to me, the after mission life. Oddly enough, it helped me get even more focused instead of getting me unfocused - probably because he took away some fears, doubts, and concerns. So that's really nice. I'll be studying it a lot over the next while, because the Spirit was very, very strong during the meeting. No photos, however.

What else? Oh, well, we found a family of three. The mom and her son are both members, less active, having moved from another state some three months ago. Her husband, not a member, is really good - we told him that we'd pass by their house at 11:30 to go to church (as we have it at noon), at he was sitting there, in his car, with his family, waiting for us to get it and go. I was very, very impressed. The only obstacle... they need to get married first. But, we're working on that. That makes me happy.

And then... well, I'm just loving the mission right now. It's hard, but the harder the better, I say. Well, I say that now. 24 months ago, I wouldn't have said that. I'm still growing, changing, and getting more and more excited to serve the Lord. I would love to extend now, but... well, I don't think that's going to happen, for various reasons. I would love to do it, but don't think that I can.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for all your support and your prayers, and thanks for spending some of your time reading my little mails! ...If you do read them, that is.

Elder Newman

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