Monday, November 17, 2014


So, for reasons that do not need to be explained in an email that gets transferred to an online blog that may or may not contain my not-so-great grammar, I suspected that I got parasites from eating chicken gizzards. It is a dish that is tasty, but I don't recomend it due to the presence of little animals living inside my stomach. I've since received medication, and the results of such medication also do not need to be explained in this email. You can ask if you really, really, want to know.

Anyways, in more spiritual news, we had interviews with the mission president last week and a stake conference yesterday. It was a special transmission from Salt Lake City, and therefore, an Apostle spoke.

The two talks I remember best were the first - basically, it was saying, "You want a united family? Well, it's easy. Super easy! Just read the Book of Mormon every single day and you'll have it. It doesn't matter how much, just read it!" It was nice.

The second talk was about sacrifice, given by Elder Andersen. It was wonderful, as he began talking of the sacrifice of the Mexican saints in giving up the Benemerito for an MTC. As he spoke of this, I thought, "Well, leaving the mission will be another sacrifice for me, then." I had just finished the thought when he gave his definition of sacrifice: "Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better." The answer to that statement of mine was amazing, but what shocked me even more was the timing of the statement. It was incredible.

And I have no pictures this week. Sorry.

And that's about it for now! Thanks for all your support, everyone!

Su siervo y amigo,

Elder Newman

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