Monday, November 3, 2014

Día de los muertos‏

So, it's that holiday, and a nice member gives us some treats to hand out to little kids that are trick or treating. So, I have 2. The first one I give away to a 50(ish) year old woman with no kids in sight - but, she has a costume on with flashing lights, and I'm contacting someone, so I think, "...Sure, why not?" The other I give to a guy returning from work, who does have little kids, so I think, "I don't like full pockets, he's got kids, sure, why not?"

I just need to make sure that I nab some pan de muertos before they stop selling it. Soon, it'll be roscos de reyes. I have 3 months left. (Sssshhhh - I don't dread it (that much) but I don't want to think about it)

Anyways, not much has been going on here. Last week was probably my worst week the entire time I've been here. Not in how I was feeling or anything like that, but numerically. My least diligent week ever. BUT if I've learned anything, it's not to let past failures (or people smoking right behind me) get on my nerves too much - just gotta remember the successes and all that fun stuff.

We need to change houses, so we're planning on doing it this week, too. Aaand... what else? Lomas Verdes is great; we've got Costco (they have bagels) and pie (we bought one - it's apple) and apple cider (we still need to buy that). They also have Wal-Mart; I just hope I don't gain any weight out here. I've dropped 45-ish pounds in the mission; if I get those back, I'd want it to be muscle. Not fat. So, I've been working on treating myself a lot better.

Being here in Lomas Verdes has been really good. There are quite a few people that I've met here that remember me from way back when (over a year ago); the bishop in Naucalli and his wife were particularly happy to see me (I didn't get the chance to see Hermano Uribe yet) - they were also surprised at how much weight I'd lost. I've lost about 45 pounds since I've gotten to the field - the suit that Presidente had me get is starting to get a little large for me. Not too much, but it's a lot more loose. Just can't let the apple pie we bought from Costco today reverse that.

That means WORK!

Costco is just the most american store ever.

Con amor,

Elder Newman

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