Saturday, July 5, 2014


IMMA GOIN' TO MARAVATIO, MICHOACAN! *fireworks* It's awesome. It's the one district in the mission with bikes, the Branch President (Presidente Muñoz, I believe) is one of President Whitehead's favorites, and the area is like none other in the mission (aside from the bikes). In an interview yesterday, President Whitehead told me that Maravatio is like no other area in the mission - way different than Atlacomulco. Atlacomulco was way different than the city, and I've spent a total of... well, one year now in the city. [4.5 (Culturas) + 5 (Offices) + 3 (Naucalli) = ~12 months = 1 year. ] So, it's going to be like starting the mission all over again - new area, new culture, new companion, new accent (there should be a new accent), new EVERYTHING. I imagine it's going to be more like my Dad's mission - little to no American influences, almost no speaking English (I may be the only American out there. I haven't checked yet) and all that fun stuff. The only difference to the beginning of the mission is that I'll still be a District leader, but aside from that, it's all new.

And I don't have any new pictures for this week. Sorry about that.

Well, that's all I've got time to talk about. I'm leaving for Maravatio on Monday, so if you don't hear from me next week, that's why.

Thank you all for your being wonderful-ness,

Elder Newman

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