Monday, December 8, 2014

El Fin Se Acerca‏ (The End Is Coming)

y hay poco tiempo. Debéis publicar lo que Dios os mandó. Salid, pues, hermanos, con fe proclamando que Dios, de nuevo, su reino fundó. (and there is little time. You must publish what God has commanded you. Come, brethren, faithfully proclaiming God, again, his kingdom founded.)

That's a hymn - "The Time is Far Spent"

Anyways, we had transfers today! He is Elder B, from Peru!

​He's only got three months in the mission, but he's super animado (lively) and is ready to work hard - just the companion I wanted for my last transfer! He's exactly what I wanted, in fact! Latino, animado, trabajador (worker), enfocado (focused) - perfecto para un misionero viejo (perfect for an old missionary). Also, his family is just like mine - Mom, Dad, 5 sons, not a single daughter. The only difference is that I'm the eldest and he's the youngest - he's older than me by almost exactly two months, though. So that's pretty fun.

I'm not sorry for the spanglish.

So yes, I'm now at the last run of my mission. 6 weeks left - they've got to be good. That's my goal - to finish off strong, working hard, undistracted, yet satisfied.

Thanks for all your support, everyone!


Elder Newman Mexicano

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