Monday, December 15, 2014

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Anyways, I baptized someone yesterday. His name is M. The joven standing next to him is Jorge, an investigator we're working with. We found him on Monday. He's atheist-JW. It's an... interesting combination. He's atheist, but all his background on religion comes from the JWs. We're trying to get his parents involved so that we can get the full family baptized.

Anyways, things are moving along - I've already gotten along really well with Elder B. I need to go to Peru someday - it's really easy for me to get along with them. And all my peruvian companions have been huge Dragon Ball Z fans... so that's interesting. I'll have to see it some day.

Yeah, it surprises me, too, how little time I've got left in the field. These last six weeks, my goal is to work even harder than I have in the past - to not leave me any time to get homesick and to be able to say, "Yes, I gave it my all." 

Anyways, things are moving along here. I'm almost consistently tired, though, so I'm not too happy about that. Supposedly, it happens to everyone. And as for other stuff... well, there's not really all that much. Although I did descend into the waters of baptism, though - that was exciting.  And I speak really bad spanglish, and for some reason, my spanish has deteriorated. Pero, se está recuperando. Eso es bueno (But it is recovering. That is good.).

I'm really going to miss Méxcio - but that's why I've got to do even more now.


Elder Newman Mexicano

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