Monday, December 22, 2014

So... Christmas is this week‏


Well, M, who I should've clarified isn't my convert (but still a good friend), is doing quite well; all I did was interview him, baptize him, and go for a couple of rides in his white 2014 BMW something or another which is really nice and can climb to 100 KM/hr in about 3 seconds. (And it drives really smooth, as I could feel in the shotgun seat. It's fancy.)  J doesn't really seem to be progressing as much (I think he thinks this is all just a big joke, but we'll see about that...); on my birthday, I didn't do too much, and Elder B is doing quite fine. He's really interested to see what Christmas is like away from home. Also, I got news today that my package has arrived... I should be getting it around New Year's Eve. Of course, I won't be able to wait the day to open it, maybe, so I'll probably just open it when we get to our house that night. But we'll see.

Aaand... well, not much else happened this week. I've had far more edifying studies recently, although all the people going all sorts of places for Christmas and abandoning the streets isn't really all that great. I'd kinda like it to stop, really.

Also, in regards to cake... I request my tyraditional birthday cake, please. The chocolate/cherry one. I was going to make that for myself, but in the end, I was too poor to buy the ingredients. Sadface.

Oh, well. And we also had the Christmas conference, and we watched Meet the Mormons - the only mission in all Mexico that's been allowed to do that. It helps that the Public Relations officer for the Church down here is a Stake President and really good friends with President Whitehead :D

Why can't I type write?

...Why can't I English?

So, some members knew it was my birthday on Saturday:

​...And this happened. This was on Wednesday. On Saturday, the other family also knew, and the father, the Hno. Cuevas, a very, very kind man, helped me enjoy that day a lot more. So that was good.

And I've only got a month left in the field. That doesn't make me very happy... but oh well. (Almost) all good things must come to an end.

And... well, this is my last Christmas in the field. I forgot to draw y'all a card this time, but there is one thing I'd like to say:

Christ is real. Christmas is real. The Book of Mormon is true. I had the blessing to read the Books of Helaman and 3rd Nephi in December - the prophecy of his birth as recorded in Helaman of 2 days and one night with no darkness; his birth in 3rd Nephi 1, and his coming to the Americas starting in 3 Nefi 11. (Nefi is Nephi, but in Spanish.) That belief is now so embedded in me that I can't doubt it. It's too good, too hopeful, to be false. And it's wonderful.

I hope that each and every single one of you can enjoy this Christmas, and get just a little bit closer to Christ, in one way or another.

It will help you more than you can imagine, with time.

With love,

Elder Newman

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