Monday, March 25, 2013

Week Eight: Three Baptisms!

Hey, everyone! They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'm going to bombard you all with them.

Baptisms (results of Sister Missionary work), bashed up knees, the area (on the outskirts of M City), and a nasty sunburn that I got Thursday and has yet to go away. It's almost gone, however.

Things here have been a roller coaster of emotion. It seems that every hour brings a new emotion - happiness, sadness, or, as is most common, exhaustion. I'm going to right now exhort anyone who has yet to go on a mission to start physically preparing themselves to do so. There are two directions in my area: Uphill and Uphill, but only later.

The people seem nice enough, and so far my money has been spent on two things: water and transportation (thank goodness for buses). I can only send one e-mail a week as well, and if you're receiving this as a forwarded e-mail, it's because I wanted to send some personal things to my parents (as is the case with this email).

My first companion is a native, and the language is coming along pretty well. Occasionally I can't understand, or on other occasions, I can't find the words, but otherwise, I feel pretty good about it. The area is called N.

Also, I live in a casita that we need to go through a thin alleyway to get to. So that's fun. We also don't get gas, so no hot water (by normal means) or anything to cook with. Except a microwave.

Also, we do pouch mail here, meaning I get mail once a week. You'll have to send it to the Mission Office.

Well, that's all I got. Later! 

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