Friday, March 15, 2013


...and by carrier, I mean to say my travel plans. Here we are:
1. Arrive at Travel Office by 3 A.M. on Monday.
2. Catch 6:00 a.m. flight to Dallas/Fort Worth.
3. Arrive at 9:45 their time; wait about 2 hours for next flight.
4. Fly in to Mexico City Juarez International at around 1:35 p.m. their time.
And that's about it. So I went to the consolate on Wednesday. That was pretty fun - we met someone who was a convert in India, went on a mission there (almost was burned alive during that time, but that's all I know about that), and was sealed in the Hong Kong Temple, and is going to the LDSBC up here to learn dentistry and get his family over here while he's in school. He was a really cool guy. We also later talked for about 45 minutes with a guy that served in Argentina in Spanish (some English parts, but otherwise, entirely Spanish. And I understood him [almost] perfectly!)
In addition to those really cool people we met, it turns out that someone was hit by a train ahead of us, causing us to get delayed (due to previous events, we were already late to our next train). So what they have us do is wait for some amount of time, and then we get loaded onto a bus (where we met the Indian guy) to get to the next tram station. We get on the tram and then ride the train back to Provo, where the MTC picks us up. We were supposed to get back at 6:30-ish, but we didn't return until 8:30 - and we still hadn't had dinner yet. Elder Hamm said that the real world was terrifying - but I have to disagree. (I really want to get into the field - good thing I'm leaving Monday!). The trip was good for a myriad of reasons, among which were good Spanish practice and meeting real people.
The various photos are of various things. One of them's my District, the other's one of the district and one of our teachers, and other things, including your weekly Banana Art.

So, family, I'm sending you a package. It includes various things, most notably some Spanish things (including a Santa Biblia and study things) as well as a lot of drawings. I think you'll enjoy them all.
Speaking of packages, I've received a lot - I've gotten some from Grandma DeeAnne, Grandpa and Grandma Newman, and from the family. I appreciate all of them! (Although I'm drowning in sweets and cookies halp)
So, really quick last thing. Remember Jacob 7:26? The part where it says "and it seemed unto us that our [time in the MTC] passed away as if it were a dream" or something like that part? Yeah, those are my exact sentiments right now.
Well, I'm running out of time, and my P-Days will be on Monday now, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to not expect anything from me next week. At least, not in letter form.
Called to serve Him, Heavenly King of Glory. Chosen 'ere to witness for His name. Glad of heart, His holy name confessing, praises unto him I bring!

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