Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week Four Has Passed...

Fri 3/01/13 

...and to be honest, it was awful. Not because of the classes, but rather what was going on inside me. To make a long story short: I more or less caught bronchitis (the doctors here never said that, but I saw one of them write the word down in his notes, and the medicine they gave me was more or less designed for bronchitis). I spent $27 on medicine alone this week.
So on Monday, my companion and I went over to the health clinic and the doc gave me some benzonate or benzonatate or something like that (an overdose could put me into a coma :D). After the first dose, I was absolutely wiped - I was sitting in the computer labs more or less figuratively dead - so we did an exchange and I went back to the dorm for the rest of the night.
By the time Wednesday rolls around, not only have I been bedridden since Monday, but it's pretty clear that my medicine isn't helping me in the slightest - and to makes things worse, my cough was getting more violent - but I also missed a devotional by M. Russell Ballard (of course - the one week I don't show up to choir with my companion and an Apostle shows up). That aside, I don't even know how many times my companion said I sounded like death - and to be honest, I'm surprised he was able to get to sleep with how often and bad I was coughing. I did wake him up in the middle of the night once, however.
So Thursday rolls around, and I'm still coughing up lungs. I get dressed (because at this point, I'm like "These meds don't work doc give me something better"), go to the health clinic, more or less go through the same process, and then I'm given three meds that cost me a grand total of $27. Thank goodness the price never goes higher than $10 here. So I take those meds, and then I begin feeling a lot better - it may well be that I'll be ready to go to class tonight. That would be wonderful - I miss class, and evidently one of my teachers thinks I'm legitimately dead. I could be wrong, however.
Also Mom, here is a picture I think you were looking for (it's the only picture I've got - I was sick all week):
As per your request, I said hi to Sister Rex. Although to be honest, it was her that said hi to me because she heard someone call out my name and then mental train and then this happened and now I'm writing an e-mail and now you know my entire week. That and I broke one of the buttons on my suit coat - and the top button, which is the important button. So now I need to find myself a toothpick so I can get that done so I can wear a suit coat properly and yay.
Honestly though, that's all I've got.

Okay maybe not. Here's more banana art.

Also Spanish scriptures in a scripture case.
Honestly though, that's it. I've got nothing else.

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