Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week Two

Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 11:28:01 -0700
Subject: Week Two
I got so many e-mails over the past week that I only have 12 minutes to write this. Not that that's a bad thing, but that's still a lot of e-mails to read (especially since because some of them, when I replied to them, autofowarded to me).  
A lot has happened over the past week, and "Missionary Time" is definitely beginning to take effect. It reminds me of that scripture in Jacob 7 that I read last night but won't type out because I'm running out of time (Dad, when this gets forwarded, can you put that in somewhere? Thanks Jacob 7:26..."...and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream..."). I've also learned more over the past week than I have in the past year regarding missionary work. Okay, that might be a lie, but I've learned a load of stuff. Also, when it comes to Spanish, I think I've got all the tenses down except for the past Subjunctive. I learn that one, strengthen my knowledge about those, and then everything's good as gold.
In terms of updates, my district of 10 is amazing as always and I look forward to learning more with them - I just wish that the Spanish lessons would cover stuff that's actually new to me. Oh well - I've still got to learn words, so I guess I can look at those. We were also able to go to the Temple today, as well as eat in the Cafeteria there. And let me just say that the food there was DELICIOUS. I wish I could go everyday for everything that they've got there.  Also, the district is loaded with inside jokes. Speaking of which, I was also able to make a successful Avatar: the Last Airbender reference today - Fire Nation, attack, themesong, that little bit.
P-Days are amazing; I just wish I could send y'all pictures of stuff here. I also wish that I had more than half an hour to mess around with e-mail. Half an hour is not long enough for me to type in Spanish  and all these other things that I've got to do. Honestly, there's so much going on that I can't even keep it all in my Journal - of course, that might also be because I only get about half an hour to write in that, too.
Alright, I've got less than five minutes left and another email to read. I can't wait to get down to Mexico and begin preaching the Gospel - I'm no too worried about the language, just whether or not I'll be able to know what the Investigators need to hear (which is more or less what we're learning in my classes right now). Also, speaking of classes, I'll need to send the schedule in the mail sometime.
Gotta go because time is short,
Elder Newman
 P.S. I like receieving things through Dear Elder the best because it means I get it either the same day you write it or the day after you write it. GRACIAS KEYBOARD SMASH INITIATED aopsdfiapsdo fuahp[sdfah8 sdfpauiofaisdf aSDOFJER(P ifj'EFIJ  

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