Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week Five: Almost Done!‏


My, how the tables have turned... my companion is now sick. Not nearly as bad as I was, but he's pretty bad in the mornings, so that's not good. But before I get going, let me show y'all my banana art of the week:
I did have something better made, but I forgot that I had my camera on me, so I didn't take a picture of it. Shame, too - that one was a true masterpiece. And here's my last picture: my medicine shelf:
And then I finished off that bottle of cough syrup and had to get another one - of course, according to my luck, I only needed to use it about three times before I figured I didn't need it any more. Although it really did help - thank goodness for modern medicine.

Speaking of which, here's my Wish List, Mom and Dad:
- The MoTab's 100th anniversary collection (It has a huge 100 on the front - they used to have it in the bookstore, but I haven't seen it since I saw it that one time that I never mentioned.)
- Shoeshine kit. I can't find mine.
- More of that daytime/nighttime cold stuff. My companion's been using mine, to I'm running low.
Anyways, back to events of the week. I got my Spanish scriptures and hymnal engraved, so that's good, and on top of that, my companion (Elder Hamm, in case y'all don't remember) and Elder Gerber (in my district) are going to get their visas today. I, on the other hand, know nothing of my visa, so there appear to be good odds that I might get reassigned.
The Spanish is going very well - I think I've got the subjunctive mood down, so now it's mostly getting the pronunciation absolutely correct (my rr's, I think, are coming along pretty well).
That's about all I've got for now. One more week and I'm out of here, off to (hopefully) Mexico City or somewhere else within the United States.
Elder Newman

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